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In Pictures: “Leave” chants rock Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the removal of President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets on 30 June, the anniversary of his coming to power. Demonstrators from differentgovernorates filled the streets chanting “leave”, “down with the Brotherhood’s rule” and “the people demand the downfall of the regime” . Marches started from different meeting points …

Daily News Egypt

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Morsi in free fall

Three months ago I wrote my weekly editor’s letter and named it “The real countdown to the Brotherhood’s fall.” I think I was too conservative in my analysis, basing my argument on an assumed progression of negative attitudes held by average citizens against President Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood. I should have found …

Maher Hamoud


In Pictures: Tahrir Square overflows with protesters

Early in the morning of the anticipated 30 June, Tahrir Square is packed and is expected to fill up further when marches converge onto the historical square. The opposition protesters are marching to the Downtown Square and the presidential palace in protests that coincide with the one year anniversary of President Mohamed Morsi’s rise to …

Daily News Egypt

Morsi: out of political options

President Mohamed Morsi has been stubborn and closed-minded towards his interpretation of today’s events. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood clearly fell in the state’s institutional trap. Similar to Mubarak’s last 10 years in office, Morsi over this past year was constantly losing contact with the street and relying more and more on the state and …

Ziad A. Akl

Salvation Now

There isn’t a talk show or an article which does not attempt to take a stab at the current mesmerising state of Egyptian affairs. The guests are different, the writing styles are diverse but the burning question remains unchanged: “What is the solution to all of this?” This question on its own carries within it …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Legitimacy v Rebellion, Mr President

Mr President, Because of you, Shar’aia (legitimacy) and Tamarod (rebellion) are currently gearing for a face-off on the streets of Egypt on 30 June. Only a year after Egyptians elected you, their first civilian president, calls have spread over the last two months for your removal. A year ago, Egyptians flocked to ballot stations to …

Sara Abou Bakr

President Morsi’s one year in power

Mohamed Morsi: One Year in Power 30 June marks the one-year anniversary since Mohamed Morsi assumed Egypt’s presidency. The past year has been marred in controversy and hamstrung by political deadlocks, all amid wider social unrest fueled by the economic crisis and deteriorating human rights conditions. The president’s achievements and shortcomings are detailed within these …

Luiz Sanchez