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Dr. H.A. Hellyer

Day of reckoning: 30 June or later

It feels like a day of reckoning for a reason, because it is one. As 30 June 2013 draws nearer, it does not feel at all like a repeat of 25 January 2011. Instead, it appears to be a repeat of 28 January 2011, combined with the protests of early December 2012 outside the presidential …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

All the roads lead to this

Egypt is on the brink, and everyone’s nerves are frazzled. Everyone is both optimistic, and yet terrified about the outcome of 30 June. Given that this is a day of an unlikely alliance between the social conservatives (old regime supporters), the revolutionaries and the independents, anything could happen. While one is operating on very limited …

Mahmoud Salem

How will the Muslim Brotherhood react to 30 June’s “Tamarod?”

By Yasmin Hashim The science of politics is all about setting expectations; political scientists call it “political forecast.” This forecast is based on variables such as history, the norm, general pattern, contemporary comparison, and group interest. An in-depth study of the Muslim Brotherhood from within, its history, personnel, and group interests, allows us to deduce …

Daily News Egypt

­­Sunday blues

By Philip Whitfield Who? What? When? Where? Why? Frequently we’re asked to explain ourselves. The most asked hereabouts: What will happen on 30 June? It’s promiscuous to flirt with what-ifs. Better to explain why the protest will fizzle out. Sunday is a black day for democracy, rivals aiming to win, not warm. Why climb Mount …

Daily News Egypt

The greatest act of treason

By Taher El Moataz Bellah 30 June is a day that is regarded by many as the second revolution and the first against the Muslim Brotherhood regime. However, it is useful to remember what has happened to Egyptians since 25 January up till now.  Even though legitimate demands were chanted, they were never transformed into …

Daily News Egypt

The old regime strikes back

I haven’t thought about the “old regime” in quite a while. In fact, I think the Muslim Brotherhood’s unique act over the past year has made most of us realise the new lows that we have reached with Morsi and his people. Mubarak’s regime always mixed corruption with inefficiency. Morsi’s regime maintained the same formula, …

Ziad A. Akl

Morsi and the erosion of legitimacy

These days, where rhetoric runs high and adrenaline runs even higher, it is worth taking a step back to take a look at things with a cooler head. Having said this, it is worth taking the news with a grain of salt. The latest chatter to have become widely accepted as fact surrounds the mandate …

Dr Mohamed Fouad