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30 June business risks

Planned protests mean 30 June will be a big day in politics for Egypt. For companies, it increases short-term risks and challenges of doing business, largely because of the disruptions. Things can start to improve if the day and the Tamarod campaign are successful in moving Egyptian leaders representing different interests towards honest dialogue. Until …

Iris Boutros

Op-ed review: 30 June and the Muslim Brotherhood

With the demonstrations of 30 June approaching, columnists ponder the fate of Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood.   Suleiman Shafiq 30 June, zero hour for Egypt’s division by the Muslim Brotherhood Al-Watan Newspaper Columnist Suleiman Shafiq begins the article by writing that the Tamarod campaign has scared the Islamist groups to the point where they …

Daily News Egypt

30 June and reinventing the revolution wheel

As 30 June approaches, debates and speculations are already running high. Some are experiencing an adrenaline rush, as they brace for the second wave of the revolution. However, some are playing down the expected outcome while others are skeptical and waiting to see how the events will turn before weighing in with their opinion. One …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

30 June: Once upon a time in a Brotherhood

A big day awaits the Muslim Brotherhood on 30 June. Sometimes when I look back at the events of the past two years, I realise how well-prepared the Muslim Brotherhood was. Since the Brotherhood was certain Hosni Mubarak’s regime would not compensate it for refraining from joining demonstrations, the Islamist group moved on to their …

Ziad A. Akl

Editor’s letter: Is Egypt on the verge of a civil war?

Since the launch of the Tamarod campaign about two months ago, the term “civil war” has been used frequently by both mainstream and social media, the political elite and various other segments of society. I’ve been wondering if this was a natural overreaction by a society that has a history of rejecting internal violence, where …

Maher Hamoud


After a stellar week in Egyptian foreign policy, with both a fiasco of a national security meeting regarding the non-threatening Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam and a disturbing court ruling against NGO workers, people have once again shifted their focus to National politics, specifically the 30 June demonstrations. Expectations are flying high on the side of …

Mahmoud Salem

What’s really wrong with Morsi

The one year anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s election is approaching fast. From a substitute candidate to a very controversial president; Morsi remains one of the revolution’s big surprises. During the 18 days back at the square, we had a strange sense of certainty that there could be no president from the Muslim Brotherhood. I even …

Ziad A. Akl

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