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Latest in Tag: Adly mansour

Making the most of Gulf aid to Egypt

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy We may not like it, but Egypt desperately needs Gulf money. So why not change the way the Gulf lends money to Egypt to make it count. It won’t be just about wasting away cash to address a symptom without resolving the underlying problem. Indeed, without Gulf aid, the government would have …

Daily News Egypt

Constitutional amendments: Repeating past mistakes?

Parallel to the ongoing political turmoil, the country is having its second constitutional debate. The amendments have been criticised heavily and they will be handed over to the constituent assembly that was formed this week. Daily News Egypt reviews the amendments and the criticism of them.

Sarah El Masry

Snippets from a fun society

On June 26th, four days before June 30th, I was driving home to Heliopolis passing by Ghamra, when the following took place in 60 seconds: The driver of the car in front of me suddenly got his arm out, which had a gun, and proceeded to shoot three times in the air, before swerving and …

Mahmoud Salem

Egypt’s new political map

By Nervana Mahmoud The political map of Egypt is slowly changing. As events continue to unfold following June 30 and then the July 3 coup, there are emerging new realties that may have an impact the future of the country for years to come. Currently, however, there is nothing definitive or clear. First, the ongoing …

Daily News Egypt