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CPA refers Pizza Hut to public prosecutor for advertising false prices

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) referred Americana Group, owner of the Pizza Hut franchise in Egypt, to the public prosecution for violating Consumer Protection Act 67 of 2006. A consumer filed a complaint to the agency concerning Pizza Hut announcing false prices, said CPA chairperson Atef Yacoub. An advertisement campaign for the Pizza Hut Triple …

Daily News Egypt

Creative industry summit: developing a vision for upcoming challenges

Aiming to discuss creativity in advertising, drama, and digital marketing campaigns during the month of Ramadan, the creative industry summit launched its annual special event on 5 September. The summit aims to bring together large numbers of professionals in the business and creative industries in Egypt by targeting six key areas, including advertising, art and …

Rana Khaled

Twitter, NFL intensify business ties

Short messaging service Twitter and the US National Football League have agreed on a longer content and advertising deal. It goes far beyond the contracts the two sides have shared so far. Twitter and the NFL on Monday announced a partnership accord, which they said would take previous cooperation contracts in 2013 and 2014 to …

Deutsche Welle

Ramadan commercials 2013

Numerous companies spend large amounts of money on massive advertising campaigns in Ramadan in the hope of becoming the most talked about, the catchiest, the most popular and hence the most successful.

Daily News Egypt

Confess your sins

Continuous connectability is the norm, caution is flung to the wind, reticence is retro and you are what you say you are.

Adel Heine

Spot the Gringo and win

A gringo wearing an authentic sombrero and a poncho will be roaming the streets, and whoever manages to find him wins a free burrito with any order made

Adham Roshdy

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