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Afghan withdrawal exposes weakness in UK’s ties with Western allies: lawmaker

A British lawmaker on Wednesday blasted the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, saying it “exposed a weakness” in Britain’s relationship with Western allies.    The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been the “single biggest foreign policy disaster” Britain has faced since the Suez crisis in the 1950s, said Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative member of parliament …



Afghans suffer as US wraps up mission in Afghanistan

“It was a horrific scene as the injured men were crying for help and dead body after body was scattered around you,” an injured Afghan man Mohammad Bakhsh whispered Monday. Receiving medical treatment at a local hospital here, Bakhsh claimed that he was going to leave Afghanistan with the US military but the terrorist attack at the …


The Afghan Quagmire

 New York –It is impossible to win a war that you cannot define. That seems to be the main lesson to be drawn from Afghanistan, where a so-called victory seems ever more unreachable. It is also the conclusion of several experts on the region, who fear US forces would be mired forever in that unjustly …

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