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Latest in Tag: Afghanistan

The Afghan Quagmire

 New York –It is impossible to win a war that you cannot define. That seems to be the main lesson to be drawn from Afghanistan, where a so-called victory seems ever more unreachable. It is also the conclusion of several experts on the region, who fear US forces would be mired forever in that unjustly …

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Afghanistan’s dismal health situation

New York – As the war in Afghanistan shows no signs of abating, the health of the people in the country continues to be cause for concern. Afghanistan’s health care system is considered one of the worst in the world, and decades of war and international neglect have contributed to its deterioration. An estimated 6 million …

Cesar Chelala

In Afghanistan, girls break cyber walls

In former Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, many still believe a woman’s place is in the home. But two Afghan sisters want to bring a digital revolution to their country by teaching girls how to code and use computers.Groups of teenage girls huddle around computers in a bright blue classroom, some typing furiously, others browsing blogs with the …

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Taliban militants in Afghanistan Daily News Egypt

Who is the new Taliban military chief?

The Taliban have appointed a new military chief as they seek to expand their control in Afghanistan. Will Mullah Ibrahim Sadar be different from his predecessors? DW asks Kabul-based expert Wahid Muzhdah.

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