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World bows in respect to Mandela

Foreshadowing the guest list of what will surely be the most important funeral of recent decades, world leaders queued up to issue solemn tributes to the 95-year-old anti-apartheid leader.

Daily News Egypt

Libya’s Tripoli on strike after deadly clashes

Demonstrators protesting against the militias on Friday were fired upon from a base belonging to battle-hardened fighters from the western city of Misrata, who killed several protesters before rival militias swept in, with gunfire and explosions echoing across the city.

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: Iranian Shia celebrate Ashura

AFP- Iranian Shia celebrated Ashura day on Wednesday which commemorates the killing of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussein. Ashura, which climaxes on November 14, mourns the death of Imam Hussein who was killed by armies of the caliph Yazid near Karbala in 680 AD. Photos by AFP

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