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Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa

By Richard Munang and Jesica Andrews Climate change comes with never-before-experienced impacts. For example, crop yields and growing seasons will decrease even as changing rain patterns will worsen people’s access to water. Yet Africa’s population is projected to reach 2 billion in less than 37 years, and in 86 years three out of every four …

Daily News Egypt

Boosting African farm yields

By Michael Fleshman For tens of millions of people in rural Africa, life has gotten harder in recent years. Reliant on erratic rains, working exhausted soil and hobbled by decades of underinvestment and neglect, many have sunk deeper into poverty as agriculture — the mainstay of the region’s economy — continues to face neglect. A …

Daily News Egypt

Mandela’s struggles for peace and justice in Africa

By Lansana Gberie On 27 November 1995, a calm voice issued this jarring statement on the BBC: “Abacha is sitting on a volcano. And I am going to explode it underneath him.” It belonged to Nelson Mandela. He was 77, and had already been president of South Africa for a year. Mandela was referring to …

Daily News Egypt

African philanthropists push for prosperity

By Kingsley Ighobor Last July, US President Barack Obama set the spark for his Power Africa programme that will help sub-Saharan African countries build power production and transmission projects and double their access to electricity. President Obama announced in Cape Town, South Africa, his plan to mobilise $16bn for investments that will generate 10,000 megawatts …

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