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Why African football continues to go nowhere

AFCON has exposed what’s wrong with African football. There is a lack of football pitches, organization and investment. Without big changes, it will be hard for Africa to send nine strong teams to the 2026 World Cup.It’s raining and the grass is green and lush. It is also very long. This is where Gabon’s best …

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Notes from America: Arab Americans, the new blacks

By Ahmed Tharwat The Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the overhyped anti terror rally that followed exposed the hypocrisy of the West’s secular free speech. It also started a debate about the future of Muslims in Europe and the US. There are about 7 to 8 million Muslims in France, the largest Muslim population in …

Daily News Egypt

Boosting African farm yields

By Michael Fleshman For tens of millions of people in rural Africa, life has gotten harder in recent years. Reliant on erratic rains, working exhausted soil and hobbled by decades of underinvestment and neglect, many have sunk deeper into poverty as agriculture — the mainstay of the region’s economy — continues to face neglect. A …

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In Pictures: African asylum seekers protest in Tel Aviv

AFP – The migrants, primarily from Eritrea and Sudan, are protesting to call for help in the face of Israel’s refusal to grant them refugee status. Last month, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) warned that Israel could be in breach of international law with new legislation that allows for the potentially indefinite detention of asylum-seekers. …

Daily News Egypt

Al-Ahly turns African championship into anti-government protest

By James M. Dorsey Clashes this weekend between security forces and militant supporters of crowned Cairo club Al-Ahly SC and a political demonstration by the team’s goalkeeper have dented the Egyptian military-backed government’s efforts to show that the country had put its political crisis behind it. The clashes raise the specter of world soccer body …

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