Latest in Tag: Agouza Highlight

Latest in Tag: Agouza

Celebrations dominate 2018 presidential election in Imbaba, Agouza

A limited number of cars and citizens were seen on the streets of different areas of the governorate of Giza during the second day of the 2018 Egyptian presidential election, in which President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and head of El-Ghad Party Moussa Mostafa Moussa are facing off. In the early hours of the day, the …

Sarah El-Sheikh


In Pictures: At least 16 killed in attack on Giza nightclub

  At least 16 people were killed early Friday morning and 10 were injured in an attack on a Giza nightclub, state media reported. Five women were among the dead, and the attackers tossed Molotov cocktails inside the nightclub and fled using motorbikes, according to media reports. Police forces arrested Saturday morning perpetrators accused of …

Daily News Egypt

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