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After a week of unofficial claims of victory, Mohamed Morsi is officially declared President of Egypt.

Mohamed Morsi wins

The candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party becomes the first civilian President of Egypt

Maryam Ishani

A Tale Of Two Cairos

Recent reports have thinned the gap of votes between the two candidates to less than a million, with the Muslim Brotherhood putting their candidate in the lead and Ahmed Shafiq slinging accusations of wrongdoing against his opponent

Maryam Ishani

Shafiq campaign disputes Morsi victory

Following the end of voting on Sunday, the campaigns of both Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi, as well as media outlets such Al Ahram Online, the OnTV channel and the Al Jazeera channel all reported varied figures on the percentage of votes attributed to each candidate. Both Al Ahram Online and Al Jazeera put Morsi …

Hend Kortam

Salafi, Mubarak ex-VP fail in election appeals

By Ali Abelatti / Reuters CAIRO: The commission overseeing Egypt’s presidential election has upheld rulings disqualifying eight candidates including former spy chief Omar Suleiman and Salafi preacher Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the state-owned al-Ahram newspaper said on Tuesday. The panel has yet to decide on appeals lodged by two other candidates including the Muslim Brotherhood’s …


I’m not the military’s candidate, says Shafiq

CAIRO: Presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq denied Tuesday allegations that his candidacy is supported by the ruling military junta in a press conference to officially declare his intention to join the presidential race. Registration for the elections is slated to begin on March 10. "I trust that the armed forces will not support a specific candidate," …


Hamdy Qandil recalls ‘historic episode’ with former PM

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: While opinions differ on whether former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq’s appearance on ONTV Wednesday brought down his cabinet, prominent journalist Hamdy Qandil says one thing is for sure, “This was a historic episode in Arabic television.” At a panel discussion at the American University in Cairo Sunday, Qandil, recalled Shafiq’s appearance …