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Latest in Tag: Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda restores ideological dominance as IS threat diminishes

As the Islamic State group (IS) suffers a downfall after its defeat in Syria and Iraq, a new challenge is rising: a revived Al-Qaeda, and its affiliates, which has started to regain its previous status as the world’s top terrorist threat. While the world focused on the self-proclaimed Islamic State, as it dominated the headlines …

Daily News Egypt

Syria’s Nusra Front splits with al-Qaeda

A senior al-Qaeda figure has urged the group to do what is necessary to protect the “holy struggle of the Syrian people.” Washington voiced skepticism over the split, saying it could be an exercise in rebranding.

Deutsche Welle

Al Qaeda’s Syria branch hands hostages back to Lebanon

Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, has released 16 Lebanese policemen and soldiers as part of a prisoner swap. The return of the body of a Lebanese soldier was also part of the deal. Television footage obtained by the Qatar-based Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera on Tuesday showed the Nusra Front release 16 captives. The …

Deutsche Welle

Missile fired at Yemen hotel used by government officials

Unidentified assailants have attacked a hotel used by Yemeni government officials. Despite a number of casualties, the prime minister was not hurt. Yemen’s internationally recognised government recently reclaimed the city of Aden. Unidentified attackers fired at the al-Qasr hotel in Aden on Tuesday, causing a number of casualties, according to residents. The attack left “dead …

Deutsche Welle

Arab Spring and the rise of non-state actors

By Fadi Elhusseini In the past four years, Arabs have been living an endless Sisyphean ordeal, an unexpected nightmare after rising for what they called “the Arab Spring”. A very similar scenario was cloned in most of the Arab Spring countries. Alas, a hopeful revolution turned into belligerence, then into strife followed by a war, …

Daily News Egypt

Football racism highlights Europe’s struggle with transition and entrenched racism

By James M. Dorsey Recent football-related racism highlights European nations’ tortured transition from ethnically relatively homogeneous to multicultural immigration societies amid a resurgence of entrenched racial, including anti-Semitic, attitudes that flourish in times of economic crisis and are not limited to Muslim communities. Fans across Europe have lined up on both sides of the racism …

Daily News Egypt