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Latest in Tag: Al-Qaeda

Islamists claim Iraq attack that killed at least 27

By Nour Merza / Reuters DUBAI: An Iraqi Islamist group linked to Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for attacks in western Iraq on March 5 that killed dozens of policemen, a statement posted on Islamist websites said late on Thursday. Gunmen disguised as police raided checkpoints and homes in and around the western Iraqi city of Haditha, killing …


Qaeda suspects kidnap Swiss woman: Yemeni officials

By AFP ADEN: Suspected Al-Qaeda militants have kidnapped a Swiss woman and are holding her in the southeastern province of Shabwa, a provincial chief and a security official told AFP on Friday. “A Swiss woman was abducted in Hodeida (on the Red Sea coast) by armed men who moved her to Shabwa province,” the official …


Ousted leader undermining Al-Qaeda fight, say Yemenis

By Ahmed Al-Haj and Aya Batrawy / AP SANAA: It was a stunning attack by Al-Qaeda in a country that is one of the world’s hottest fronts against the terror group. Insurgents rampaged through an army camp in southern Yemen before dawn, catching soldiers asleep and killing more than 180. Amid the turmoil, the defense …


Two killed in Yemen bomb plot, Somali militants caught

By Mohammed Mukhashaf, Mohammed Ghobari and Nour Merza / Reuters ADEN: Two men were killed in southern Yemen when a bomb they planned to use in an attack on government forces exploded accidentally late on Saturday, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. “The bodies of the two were ripped apart in the explosion, which happened …


Al-Qaeda confirms death of Pakistani insurgent

By Chris Brummitt / AP ISLAMABAD: Al-Qaeda has confirmed an American drone strike killed one of its commanders in Pakistan last month — a success in a CIA-led campaign that is a major source of tension stalling the relationship between Washington and Islamabad. The death of Badr Mansoor in the strike along the border with Afghanistan …


‘Qaeda fighters’ kill 26 police in west Iraq

By Bassim Al-Anbari / AP HADITHA: Suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen, some wearing army uniforms, raged through a western Iraq city Monday in a pre-dawn shooting spree that killed 26 policemen, including two officers shot execution-style. The assault, launched at about 2:00 am (2300 GMT on Sunday), saw insurgents dressed in military uniforms simultaneously attacking two checkpoints in the …


American-born Qaeda associate jailed for 27 years

By AFP NEW YORK: A New York man was on Friday sentenced to 27 years in jail for conspiring to kill American soldiers stationed overseas and on related terror charges, the US Justice Department said. Betim Kaziu traveled from Brooklyn to Cairo, Egypt, in February 2009 to participate in attacks against US troops based in …


Egyptian claims mistaken identity in Al-Qaeda case

By Hamza Hendawi / AP CAIRO: A former Egyptian militant has returned home saying he wanted to clear a case of mistaken identity that confused him with a senior Al-Qaeda leader sought by the United States. Washington confirmed that Mohamed Ibrahim Makkawi is not the wanted Saif Al-Adel. The fact that Makkawi felt safe returning home …


Egypt detains Islamist, confusion over Al-Qaeda link

By Edmund Blair / Reuters CAIRO: An Egyptian Islamist, mistakenly identified as a senior Al-Qaeda commander because he has the same name, was detained at Cairo airport on Wednesday for suspected militant activities, but said he had cut any links with Al-Qaeda more than two decades ago. Mohamed Ibrahim Makkawi, born in 1954, was detained on …


Egyptian Qaeda suspect arrested in Cairo

By AFP CAIRO: Authorities at Cairo airport on Thursday detained an Egyptian national suspected of belonging to Al-Qaeda in Yemen, an airport official told AFP. Rabie Abdullah, who was travelling under a false name, arrived on Thursday from Yemen and was stopped by authorities at Cairo airport, the official said. Abdullah had been travelling with …


Egypt denies Al-Qaeda presence in Sinai

CAIRO: Egypt on Thursday denied the presence of Al-Qaeda members in Sinai, following charges by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that terror groups were mobilizing in the peninsula. "There are no members of the Al-Qaeda organization in Egypt. What has been said recently about members of the group being in Sinai is baseless," national security …


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