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Latest in Tag: Al-sisi

The sedition of the Civil Service Law

Over the last weeks, Egypt experienced what we can refer to as “the sedition of the Civil Service Law”. After President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a law that regulates the situation of the largest governmental administrative body in the region, seven million employees, a state of polarisation ensued, one that cannot be separated from the …

Daily News Egypt

Suez Canal: A cruise to the past

It took a long journey for the Suez Canal to reach its current state today, a journey witnessing several closings and instability of the canal’s operations. Today, Egypt celebrates the opening of the canal’s expansion

Menna Samir

On the verge of a new war

The poor, Mr. President, have waited a long for someone to perceive them with sympathy, and to pull them up above the poverty line, so are you up for this?

Emad El-Sayed