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One Killed in Egypt as Police, Islamists Clash: security

AFP –  At least one person was killed in clashes in Egypt Friday as police dispersed protesters loyal to ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, security officials said. Police clamped down on protests in several cities, firing tear gas at the Islamists who aimed fire works at the riot police in one incident, police officials said. …

Daily News Egypt

On means and ends

On Tuesday, Egypt votes on the new constitution, which aims to show the world that 30 June has electoral legitimacy, and thus undermine the Muslim Brotherhood’s legitimacy as well. Given that the Yes campaign is on the streets, on TV, in the newspapers, all over the social media and in targeted text messages to phones, …

Mahmoud Salem

Will Al-Sisi run for president?

First we will discuss the consequences of General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi running for president. What first comes to mind is that Al-Sisi will win, of course, which would confirm the doubt that 30 June was a military coup.  This would seriously hurt Egypt’s connections with the international political scene. On the other hand, this win …

Farid Zahran