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Latest in Tag: Al-Wafd

What are the chances of mergers and alliances inside the democratic movement? (2-2)

Most people count the following parties as social democratic ones: the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Justice Party and Al Dostour Party. Other people describe them as liberal rather than social democratic, which is a description used for the Nasserite and Leftist parties. Other descriptions include secular, civil or even parties against a religious state. …

Farid Zahran

Brotherhood and Wafd call for unified parties list in PA elections

CAIRO: The Muslims Brotherhood (MB) and Al-Wafd Party called on Egypt’s political parties to present a unified list in the upcoming parliamentary elections to create the opportunity for equal representation in parliament. However, despite the joint call, Al-Wafd and the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party have not formed a bilateral agreement in that regard, according …


Al-Wafd’s Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour appointed minister of tourism

By Mai Shams El-Din CAIRO: The Secretary-General of Al-Wafd opposition party Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour confirmed to Daily News Egypt his appointment as Minister of Tourism in the interim government led by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq. Shafiq’s government is currently under fire for its affiliation with ousted president Hosni Mubarak, who had appointed Shafiq in a …


Parties distance themselves from Jan 25 demos as preparations announced

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: Al-Wafd, Al-Tagammu and other political parties have distanced themselves from a Tunisia-inspired call for demonstrations on Jan. 25. They said their members can participate as individuals, but shied from officially joining planned protests. Confirmed participants are mainly opposition movements — the Kefaya Movement for Change, the April 6 Youth Movement, Youth for …