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Latest in Tag: Al-Wasat

What is the political map of the Islamist movement in Egypt?

The number of “Islamic” or “quasi-Islamic” parties has officially reached 12. The parties can be categorised into three groups: the first are “political” Islamist parties, the second are “religion-based political” Islamist parties, and the third are the “radical” Islamist parties, or rather of radical backgrounds. At the heart of all these parties is the Freedom …

Farid Zahran

Egypt officially recognizes moderate Islamic party

By Maamoun Youssef /AP CAIRO: A moderate Islamic party outlawed for 15 years was granted official recognition Saturday by an Egyptian court in a sign of increasing political openness after the fall of autocratic President Hosni Mubarak. Al-Wasat Al-Jadid, or the New Center, was founded in 1996 by activists who split off from the conservative Muslim …


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