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Latest in Tag: Alaa Abdel Fattah

Tarek ‘Tito’ Hussein

Brief stories of those behind bars for calling for justice

By Tarek ‘Tito’ Hussein Ramy El-Sayed  Ramy El-Sayed is 28-years-old, a graduate from the Faculty of Languages, a translator and a member of 6 April youth movement. On 1 September, 2014, El-Sayed and a number of members of the 6 April movement went to extend condolences to the family of their martyred friend Ahmed El-Masry …

Daily News Egypt

The mysterious case of falsely imprisoned Ahmed Abdel Rahman

In a different country, it would be a policeman fending off against the assault on women by a hound of rabid civilians dragging them violently in the street in plain view, but this is Egypt. It was a passer-by, an ordinary young citizen from Aswan, who saw women being dragged and beaten by men in …

Daily News Egypt

Semanur Karaman

Whose lives matter in current day Egypt?

By Semanur Karaman On 9 February, in response to the deadly police violence that left 40 football fans killed and dozens murdered in Cairo, Shadi Zalat compared the price of a ticket to the price of life. Unfortunately, in present-day Egypt, the rhetoric behind the comparison is a saddening one as lives of ordinary civilians …

Daily News Egypt