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Latest in Tag: Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ali Abdallah Saleh: The death of Yemen’s strong man

Yemen’s former president and rebel leader Ali Abdullah Saleh was assassinated in the area of Khawlan in the capital Sanaa as he was fleeing Houthi rebels. His envoy was ambushed with an RPG rocket and he was then reportedly assassinated by gunfire. Some of his aides were killed, while others were injured. The strongman of …

Daily News Egypt

Yemeni Republican Guard protest outside Defence Ministry

Members of Yemen’s Republican Guard surrounded the Defence Ministry in protest on Friday. Under fears that the guardsmen would storm the ministry, tanks were sent to quell the protests. The Republican Guard is an elite fighting force led by Ahmed Saleh, the son of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh. AP reported that threats to remove …

Daily News Egypt

Ousted leader undermining Al-Qaeda fight, say Yemenis

By Ahmed Al-Haj and Aya Batrawy / AP SANAA: It was a stunning attack by Al-Qaeda in a country that is one of the world’s hottest fronts against the terror group. Insurgents rampaged through an army camp in southern Yemen before dawn, catching soldiers asleep and killing more than 180. Amid the turmoil, the defense …


Yemen’s Saleh formally steps down after 33 years

By AFP SANAA: Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down after 33 years at the helm on Tuesday at a ceremony at the presidential palace in Sanaa, formally handing power to his deputy, Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi. “I hand over the banner of the revolution, of the republic, of freedom, of security and of stability… to safe …


High turnout in Yemen vote that ends Saleh rule

By Acil Tabbara / AFP SANAA: Yemeni electoral officials on Wednesday hailed a high turnout in a landmark vote that ended President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 33-year rule, despite boycott calls in the south where violence marred polling. Turnout in Tuesday’s vote for Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, the only candidate on the ballot, reached 60 percent …


President Saleh returns to Yemen, calls for ceasefire

SANAA: President Ali Abdullah Saleh unexpectedly returned to Yemen on Friday after three months in Saudi Arabia, calling for a ceasefire between his supporters and opponents after five days of fierce fighting in the capital. Saleh’s reappearance raised big questions over the future of the fractious Arabian Peninsula state, which has been paralyzed by protests …


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