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Aman familiarises citizens with e-payment services

Aman for e-Payments has organised a celebration in Shubra Al Kheima to familiarise citizens with its services. The celebration also aims to encourage the people to take part in its electronic payment system in order to accomplish the vision of the company, which is aiming to create more efficient communities in terms of financial inclusion. …

Daily News Egypt

Raya’s Aman for electronic payments launches in Egypt

Raya Holding for Technology and Communications announced the effective launch of Aman for electronic payments (e-payments) all over Egypt, according to a press release issued on Tuesday by Raya. “Aman” is a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments. The new service will gradually spread at a fast pace within five years through the presence …

Reem Hosam El-din

Aman initiative aims to start a national anti-harassment movement

With every news report, the number of incidents of sexual harassment in Egypt rapidly increases. Despite the continuous efforts of effective initiatives and official actions, the numbers have increased notably over the past decade, putting Egypt at the forefront of discrimination against women. Mosawah organisation for training and counselling recently announced the launch of its …

Daily News Egypt

Basim Moujahid, CEO of Raya Trade, a subsidiary of Raya Holding.

Aman for electronic payments to start operations in September

Aman, a company recently founded by Raya Trade that is specialised in electronic payment solutions, will effectively launch in the Egyptian market in September, according to Basim Moujahid, CEO of Raya Trade, a subsidiary of Raya Holding. Aman aims to provide electronic payment solutions “from a new perspective”, thus enabling all kinds of users to …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

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