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In Pictures: Sabahy, Al-Sisi exert final campaign efforts before pre-elections silence

Presidential candidates Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahy officially terminated their campaigns on Friday, the last day before the two days pre-elections silence, stipulated by Article 18 of the Elections Law. Sabahy’s campaign organised a rally in Abdeen Square in Downtown Cairo on Friday. The rally was attended by public figures endorsing his campaign and …

AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah

The Revolutionary Connection

Unfortunately, revolutions come at a price. The whole idea of revolting is to destroy the connection with the status quo, and this connection can be broken in two main ways. You either break the connection, celebrate its destruction, propose a different status quo, implement it and build a new connection; or simply break the connection, …

Ziad A. Akl

Review: Learning politics and dreading the future

Columnists tackled various issues indicative of the nascent and provisional state of Egyptian democracy, as well as the tentative and at times apprehensive attitude the country holds towards the future. They relay fears of both internal and external transformations, and discuss the Egyptian political arena and its struggles to learn the rights and wrongs of …

Daily News Egypt

Amr Hamzawy denies court ruling stripping him of PA membership

CAIRO: Liberal Cairo MP Amr Hamzawy denied Sunday reports that the Supreme Administrative Court had stripped him of his membership in parliament citing dual citizenship. Hamzawy, who won a single-winner seat in the first phase of the elections in Cairo’s fourth constituency, said he had relinquished his German citizenship before submitting his candidature application papers …


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