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Latest in Tag: Amr Moussa

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the hegemonic state group?

I have mentioned before that the political life in Egypt can be divided in many ways. In an attempt to analyse the political map, I divided it into three major movements: the political Islamist group, the democratic group and the supporters of a hegemonic state. I went into detail regarding the third group, which is …

Farid Zahran

The popular myth of the ‘unpopular Ikhwan’

By Dr Mohamed A.  Fouad We all know it or seem to think we know it; we like to advance several pieces of evidence to suggest this infamous statement: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity is going down the drain!” However, we never seem to follow this notorious assumption with an important question: So what? If only …

Daily News Egypt

From the other side: Amr Moussa stay at home

We do not mention his involvement in the crime. Nor do we mention his defence to the matter. We do not know of his opposition to an error. Nor do we not know of his political stance. He is Amr Moussa, the veteran diplomat with a long history of nearly 53 years of service in …

Gamal Eid