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Amsterdam cracks down on tourist excesses

Amsterdam is taking emergency measures to handle the strains of mass tourism. These measures will allow authorities to go after even minor infractions and collect fines immediately.Amsterdam is taking new measures to ease tourist pressure on its popular red-light district including compulsory clean-up breaks in streets and monitoring of crowds, the council said Tuesday. The …

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Amsterdam unveils tips for wobbly tourists on their bikes

Navigating the busy, narrow streets of Amsterdam can be risky at times due to an unexpected hazard: tourists wobbling around on bikes carelessly breaking the rules of the road. A humorous video tells them how to survive. Visitors wanting to enjoy the Dutch experience, but unused to two wheels or how to manage the clogged …

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Selfies forbidden: Replace your smartphone with a pencil and a sketchbook

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam now encourages visitors to draw their works of art – instead of just taking a picture. Other museums all over the world have selfie sticks on their blacklist. Everybody likes to remember their favorite moments – and many do so with photos. Especially when on vacation, people take pictures of touristic …

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