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Time running out for world’s smallest porpoise

Bad news for the vaquita as environmentalists find one of the last of its kind washed up on the shores of the Gulf of California. The animal is threatened by illegal gillnets.Environmentalists said conservation of the world’s smallest porpoise was dealt a blow this week, after they found a dead baby vaquita washed up on …

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Diaries of an animal rescuer

Seeing animals heartlessly stripped of their skin, or cruelly deprived of their sight is not an easy thing; yet, people don’t understand, says Jo

Nada Deyaa’

Animal rights advocates in Egypt call for laws to be activated

Over the years, many people have considered advocating for animal rights as an unimportant luxury, especially in a country such as Egypt where more than a quarter of the population live below the poverty line and struggle to earn enough to get by. Thus, individual and institutional animal rights advocates have struggled to overcome the government’s …

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