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Latest in Tag: Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis

Sisi: Sinking Sinai

If a shaken public – and rest assured, based on many indications, the public is both shaken and angry – is to trust that its leaders have a rational, well-constructed plan there must be both transparency and accountability

Daily News Egypt

7 militants killed following death of police officer

  Seven ‘State of Sinai’ members were killed during armed forces’ operations in North Sinai, five of whom allegedly participated in the kidnapping and killing of police officer Ayman Al-Desouky. The other two were found while observing security personnel in Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid, as announced by the military spokesman Wednesday. The armed forces further …

Daily News Egypt

2014: The Sisification of Egypt

By Amr Khalifa If your wishes for 2014, in Egypt, included respect of human rights, a civil state and respectable judiciary, the year was an efficient delivery system of pain. The stark reality that this dark turn in history delivered, to analysts and dissidents alike: the majority of Egyptians prefer to exalt in Abdel Fattah …

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