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Opinion| AI Application and Business Enterprises

The wide application of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, such as virtual reality (VR), robots, self-driving vehicles, and drones, will turn our life during the next decade into that we used to watch in science fiction movies. The near future holds many radical changes for business enterprises of all kinds. Those changes may be closer to …

Daily News Egypt

Traffic Congestion during night in Cairo, hinders cab drivers from making enough money to cover their families’ expenses (DNE/Hassan Ibrahim)

Egyptians’ work attitude from the perspective of Uber & Careem

“I will reach you in just a few minutes,” a driver of one of the new transportation application companies told me recently—which concluded in my being picked up half an hour later. The dilemma of such applications is that most of the drivers don’t take into account the fact that the application technology determines their …

Mohammed Nosseir

E-Planet launches its first English learning smartphone application

E-Planet Educational Services, an international organisation created by a team of education experts, has launched a new smartphone application named “E-planet English Courses” in January 2017. The new application attempts to facilitate communication between students and their English-language school, besides providing other educational services.   “Through the app, learners can message their course provider at …

Hisham Salah

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