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Sisi State vs Sinai State

Five months ago, after another massive attack, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi declared the situation to be an existential struggle. Months later, Al-Sisi is a student in desperate need of a Sinai strategy tutorial. North Sinai experienced three attacks on 12 April: the first, left six dead in an IED attack on an Egyptian personnel carrier, the second …

Daily News Egypt

Sisi: Sinking Sinai

If a shaken public – and rest assured, based on many indications, the public is both shaken and angry – is to trust that its leaders have a rational, well-constructed plan there must be both transparency and accountability

Daily News Egypt

Police chief killed in Al-Arish while attacks in Sinai continue

By Nasser Azazi Armed assailants in Al-Arish killed a police chief Friday night while the former was returning home. Security sources stated that the murdered officer, Mohamad Basyuni, 35, sustained injuries in his head while driving near the Faculty of Agriculture in the neighborhood of Al-Salam in Al-Arish. He was transferred to the hospital, where …

Daily News Egypt