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Egypt army meets on Sisi presidential bid: state media

AFP – Egypt’s top army command discussed a possible presidential bid by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at a meeting on Monday, state media reported. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces “is meeting to discuss developments on the security front, especially in northern Sinai, in addition to looking into other matters including the peoples’ …

Daily News Egypt

Suspended Logic

By Dr Mohamed Fouad Last week, we spoke about the gripping polarisation turned mass mania. We have seen how it became easier and less painful to choose sides rather than be pragmatic about any situation. There is no doubt that we have been living three years where logic has been put on hold and all …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

The remains of Mohamed Mahmoud

The death toll of the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes was almost 50, making them the deadliest Egypt had witnessed at the time. Subsequent clashes on the one year anniversary of the violence saw at least two killed, including a 16 and a 15 year old. These words are being written on the eve of the second anniversary. No one really knows what will happen within a few hours, but the tensions are rising amid rival protests planned on the anniversary. As the Daily News Egypt looks in depth into which movements are calling for what this year, participants in the original 2011 clashes tell their story about an anniversary that has been rather stripped of what it stands for.

Rana Muhammad Taha