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Latest in Tag: army

North Sinai militants post photo of a suicide operation in one of the checkpoints in Sheikh Zuweid. Photo from "State of Sinai" affiliated website

IED blast kills three soldiers in Sinai

Three soldiers were killed Wednesday during an attack on an army patrol near Sinai’s Sheikh Zuweid. An IED ambush caught the patrol near Al-Wahshi checkpoint. At least one soldier was injured, according to local reports. The army is yet to officially announce its account of the attack. The Sinai Province, affiliated to the “Islamic State” …

Daily News Egypt

Sieren’s China: Reform of the People’s Liberation Army

By reforming the army, Chinese President Xi Jinping is not only enhancing China’s international role but boosting his own position at home, says DW’s Frank Sieren. China’s head of state and party chief is not slacking, even as the year draws to a close – there’s work to be done on restructuring the country, as …

Deutsche Welle

Syrian forces break ‘Islamic State’ siege of Aleppo air base

The Syrian army has achieved a major victory at an air base besieged by the “Islamic State” militant group. The victory comes as President Bashar al-Assad’s forces ramp up their fight against the extremists. Assad’s forces on Tuesday broke a prolonged siege by “Islamic State” (“IS”) militants of an Aleppo military air base. Syrian government …

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Burkina Faso’s coup takes a new twist

Burkina Faso’s military warned that its forces were converging on the capital with the goal of disarming the junta behind the coup from Thursday (17.08.2015). On Monday (21.09.2015), Burkina Faso’s army chiefs ordered coup soldiers to lay down their weapons as troops headed to the capital Ouagadougou from the provinces. They aim to remove the …

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