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From public to personal: A discussion with artist Aya Tarek

Daily News Egypt interviewed artist Aya Tarek during the exhibition Aya Tarek’s Sprezzatura at the SOMA art gallery. In this exhibition, Tarek is taking the concept of sprezzatura from the fashion world to her own visual world. She is expressing the ease, individuality, beauty, and simplicity that come with maturity through a monochromatic scheme. She …

Adham Youssef


Mahinaz Soliman: an artist who blends reality with surrealism

With a blurred vision in her mind and a palette of watercolours between her fingers, Mahinaz Soliman uses art as a method for reflecting her own interpretations about the world around her. In her paintings, she presents reality under a surreal cover that gives the people, places, landscapes, nature, and even animals she portrays a …

Rana Khaled

Want to be heard? Surveillance art project wants you to let NSA listen

Cologne’s stone advertising columns are iconic – as iconic as Germany’s loathing of government surveillance. Artist Christian Sievers is using these “Litfaßsäulen” to say: don’t be scared, call this number! The message is loud and clear: we have no fear! “This mobile phone was used to call the personal number of William Binney, a former …

Deutsche Welle

China’s most famous artist abroad: Who is Ai Weiwei?

After four years without a passport, the dissident artist can now travel and has arrived in Germany. DW looks at what political restriction means for the artist and why his ties to Berlin are so strong. Ai Weiwei landed in Munich on Thursday (30.07.2015), on his way to Berlin. After spending over four years confined …

Deutsche Welle

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