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Stargazers catch sight of ‘super blood moon’

Across several continents, people have been having a rare glimpse of the celestial phenomenon. A lunar eclipse, which gave the moon a distinctive red hue, took place as the earth and moon were at their closest. The rare double event – which saw the moon at its largest in the sky at the same time …

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Apple enters refugee crisis with donations

Apple has enabled its customers to make a “financial donation” to aid refugees in Europe. CEO Tim Cook told employees the company will also make a donation in hopes of easing “the hardship so many are enduring.” American technology giant Apple enabled a function on its operating system’s App Store allowing iPhone and MacBook consumers …

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IMF changing tack on Greece

Latin Americans and Asians are happy that they do not need the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But, Europe can no longer function without it. What’s behind the IMF’s interest in Greece?

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The deadly price of environmental activism

Since the start of this year in Guatemala, nine activists opposing megaprojects have been killed, a recent report says. Green activists in Latin America and Asia continue to pay for resistance with their lives. Nine activists have been killed since the beginning of 2015 in Guatemala, mainly in indigenous communities opposed to infrastructure and mining …

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Kamala Restaurant: A journey to Asia on the banks of the Nile

Now that the summer is firmly here, spending your weekend chilling out after a week of stress and negativity due to the bad weather is what everyone seeks to do. Yet, with the common complaints around the traditionally frequented restaurants and cafes, it is about time to try a new experience at a unique and …

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Suez Canal: A cruise to the past

It took a long journey for the Suez Canal to reach its current state today, a journey witnessing several closings and instability of the canal’s operations. Today, Egypt celebrates the opening of the canal’s expansion

Menna Samir

Afghan talks: Tough demands make peace deal unlikely

Demands made by Taliban representatives, including the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, make a peace deal with Kabul unlikely. To achieve this, the militants must change their position, say experts. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recently said his delegation would receive a list of demands in the second round of the peace talks with …

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AFC power struggle reflects sorry state of football governance

By James M. Dorsey   FIFA Vice President and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) executive committee member Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein, in an uncommon display of elegance and magnanimity in the rarefied world of world soccer as well as of Middle Eastern and North African leaders, has conceded defeat in a battle that is symptomatic of …

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Major economies end first quarter on weaker note

Reuters – Major economies in Asia and Europe finished the first quarter on a weaker note, with key manufacturing surveys fuelling expectations policymakers may be forced to act in coming months to prop up faltering growth. Factories across Europe eased back on the throttle in March while China’s vast manufacturing industry contracted for the third …

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World Bank pledges $2bn for Myanmar

The programme also includes $200m to help Myanmar achieve universal health coverage by 2030, the Bank said, noting that only one in four people in the once-isolated country has access to quality healthcare.

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China’s air zone announcement threatens major Asian crisis

By Andrew Hammond US Vice-President Joe Biden’s trip to Japan, China and North Korea this week comes at a moment of major diplomatic tension in the region.  Only last week, Beijing unilaterally declared a new “air defence identification zone” to much international concern. The zone covers an area of land and sea that encompasses islands, …

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Educate girls to alleviate poverty

By Dr Cesar Chelala  Inequality and unequal access to education holds millions of girls and women back across the world. While the “gender gap” in education has narrowed over the past decade, girls are still at a disadvantage, particularly in getting access to high school education. And women still constitute two-thirds of the world’s illiterate …

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Asian markets slip on weak US manufacturing

Hong Kong (AFP) – Asian markets slipped further on Wednesday following losses in Europe and on Wall Street after a third straight monthly contraction in US manufacturing activity. The disappointing US data followed poor numbers on factory activity from Asia and Europe but dealers looked forward to a European Central Bank meeting, optimistic there would …

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