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Obama’s Syria Debacle

By Dr. Alon Ben-Meir I am not a war monger; I know the meaning of war, the death toll, the suffering, and the destruction of property along with the spirit of innocent men, women and children. That said, regardless of how appalling the use of force is to achieve any objective, there is a time …

Daily News Egypt

In Syria, the punishment must fit the crime

By Ammar Abdulhamid, Now News If the purpose of the looming US-intervention in Syria is to restore America’s credibility, and more specifically President Obama’s, which has suffered measurably on the international scene as a result of his foot-dragging over the last two and a half years, then a limited intervention will prove insufficient and will …

Daily News Egypt

Fighting talk

By Philip Whitfield A just war? Or just a war? Martyrdom versus military might? How far is Syria’s Assad willing to go? Or will he go willingly? Who wins? Does everyone lose? Apparently you can be at both ends and in the middle at the same time. Bashar the Beast fights bantamweight: bare-knuckle with the …

Daily News Egypt

Sarin gas used in Damascus attack: Kerry

Hair and blood samples given to the United States from emergency workers on the scene of last month’s attack in the Syrian capital have showed signs of the powerful sarin nerve gas, Kerry told NBC and CNN television.

Daily News Egypt

Trickle down

By Philip Whitfield To be sure, strife seldom strikes separately. Universal healthcare in Egypt heralds a sick society. Damming the Blue Nile threatens small farmers. Lifting Syria’s arms embargo perks up poison-pusher Bashar Al-Assad. Somebody has to not do what they have openly claimed they would do, says Jonathan Spyer, a respected researcher. Western carpetbaggers …

Daily News Egypt

When will Middle Easterners stop seeking to export their image?

Despite the fact that the countries of the Middle East are not currently consumed by war, and that there exists at best a cold peace, or a rather muffled sense of competition between them, it is still a shock to see that there do not exist larger cleavages between these countries with regards to their …

Farid Zahran