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Oldest pottery workshop discovered in Aswan

Completing the chain of discoveries that leaves a mark in Egypt’s recent history, the Ministry of Antiquities announced discovering the oldest pottery manufacturing workshop in Aswan, while working on the project of reducing ground water in the area. The workshop dates back to the 4th Dynasty and was found near and viewing the Nile River …

Daily News Egypt

Hassan Abdalla, the CEO of the AAIB

AAIB co-finances largest solar energy project in ME in Aswan

The Arab African International Bank (AAIB) has successfully contributed to financing the largest solar power project in Egypt and the Middle East in Benban, Aswan, becoming the largest solar power plant in the region with a target capacity of 1.8 GW. According to Hassan Abdalla, executive director of the AAIB, Egypt is one of the …

Daily News Egypt

Places to stay in Egypt

Egypt is a traveller’s delight as it brims with a treasure trove of sights with historical relevance. We look at some of the favourite hotels among the visitors.

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From Cairo to Aswan: enter Egypt’s thriving cycling scene

Walk into Galal Zekri’s office—the man behind the 10-day Cairo to Aswan NS Crossing (North to Sourth Crossing)—and you find a Google-like, colourful atmosphere, a map of the world, and a white board of the list of engagements and plans to start on. Talk to him, and you find the most inspiring young man, looking …

Yosra El-Zoghby

Hassan Allam implements services and facilities of solar energy projects in Aswan

Hassan Allam Construction began implementation of services and facilities management functions for solar energy projects in Benban, Aswan after the completion of a formal contract. The heads of solar energy companies in Benban said that Hassan Allam Construction will take over management of services for the projects, after the selection of the company by all …

Mohamed Farag

British embassy celebrates Aswan marathon

On 28 February, British ambassador to Egypt John Casson hosted the Aswan Marathon, where Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub—who was one of the runners of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Marathon held on 24 February—was the guest of honour at the reception celebrating the marathon. Sir Magdi Yacoub was accompanied by leading figures from his foundation …

Maya Nawar