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A message from ‘Islamic State’ to Al-Sisi

By Amr Khalifa The sun rose in Cairo on Saturday morning with a fury: another explosive message from “Islamic State” to Al-Sisi. The attack on a building, associated with the Italian consulate, left eight injured and one dead in its wake, and marks the beginning of a far bloodier phase in an insurgency gaining momentum by …

Daily News Egypt

Sisi State vs Sinai State

Five months ago, after another massive attack, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi declared the situation to be an existential struggle. Months later, Al-Sisi is a student in desperate need of a Sinai strategy tutorial. North Sinai experienced three attacks on 12 April: the first, left six dead in an IED attack on an Egyptian personnel carrier, the second …

Daily News Egypt

Conscript killed, 2 injured in Fayoum

Five separate attacks on security personnel occurred in Fayoum Friday, killing one and injuring two. Police conscript Hassan Abdel-Hakam, was killed during a drive-by shooting at a police checkpoint, with a 21-year-old conscript injured in the same attack, the Ministry of Interior said Saturday. Another conscript was injured in an attack on a police station in …

Aya Nader