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Why AUC needs a new constitution

By Taher El Moataz Bellah The current structure of the student government with its three branches; the student union, the student senate and the student court (previously known as student judicial board) is greatly inspired by the Madisonian design of the US government that is named after the famous James Madison who was the architect …

Daily News Egypt

The Business of Education

University students and graduates reflect on the quality of education they received in Egyptian universities compared to the fees they paid

Sara Aggour

Polarised, politicised and biased: Covering Egypt

In Egypt’s dire political situation, one of the most important ways to understand the complexities of the situation is the media; supposedly the institution that seeks to find the truth and present it to its audience. However, in Egypt’s case, much of the local media is polarised, politicised and biased, and international media as well does not serve as an alternative for objective reporting due to the many challenges it faces. The Daily News Egypt reviews the positions of local and international media coverage of Egypt’s latest events, and the different narratives that are presented.

Sarah El Masry

IMF loan talks to resume

This loan will be a certificate of trust for the Egyptian economy, it proves that Egypt can repay its loans, so they can seek more loans

Liliana Mihaila