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Australia relaxes working holiday visa restrictions

Australia’s government plans to relax restrictions for backpackers and other visitors on working holidays visas, which will allow them to stay a year longer and also work in more regions around the country. The plan is aimed at largely helping the rural Aussie farmers who are struggling to fill critical job shortages. It will also boost …

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Australia mulls blocking migrants from moving to major cities

Australia is considering measures to stop some new migrants settling in bigger cities, instead directing them to less populated areas. Canberra is looking for ways to ease congestion in places like Sydney and Melbourne.The Australian government on Tuesday said it was looking to correct an "imbalance" in population growth by forcing some new migrants away …

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Australia bans China’s Huawei from mobile network project

Australia’s government has banned major Chinese telecoms firm Huawei Technologies from supplying equipment for the country’s future 5G mobile network. Canberra cited risks of foreign interference and hacking.Australia’s move to sideline China’s Huawei while building the country’s 5G mobile network followed advice from security agencies and signaled a hardening of Canberra’s stance toward its biggest …

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Artist survives three-day burial in Australia

The 73-year-old performance artist Mike Parr emerged alive after being buried for three days under a busy road. Billed as a tribute to victims of totalitarian violence, the stunt was part of an arts festival in Hobart.Australian performance artist Mike Parr surfaced from his underground container without saying a word late on Sunday. He had …

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Australia dinosaur footprint demolished

Vandals have taken a hammer to a 115 million year-old dinosaur footprint at a world renowned site in Australia, with officials Wednesday slamming the “sad and callous” act.The footprint of the medium-sized theropod was found by palaeontologists in 2006 at Flat Rocks in Victoria state – one of only a handful of polar, or ice-age, …

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Australia ties record of 26 years without recession

Australia’s economy recorded just enough growth last quarter to match the Netherlands’ record of 103 quarters without recession. But analysts warn of a slowdown as households struggle with low wages and high debt.Government data out on Wednesday showed gross domestic product (GDP) rose a modest 0.3 percent in the first quarter, a pullback from the …

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Australia launches overdue shift to solar

After decades of relying primarily on coal-fired power, Australia has begun investing in a number of large-scale solar farms as it begins its transition to renewable energy. Economic factors are a primary driver.Australia is well-known for its abundance of sunshine. But while the county has largely relied on its coal reserves to generate electricity for …

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Can tourism protect the Great Barrier Reef?

A severe bleaching event last year prompted reports of the Great Barrier Reef’s death. But tour operators say much of the reef still thrives, and their boats can help protect it.It’s a tranquil afternoon on the Whitsunday Islands at the southern end of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. A tour boat sits moored on a thin …

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