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Austria to stop offering driving tests in Turkish

Starting next year, new drivers in Austria will no longer be able to take their exam in Turkish, according to Transport Minister Norbert Hofer. The far-right politician claims the move is motivated by financial reasons.As Austria prepares a new version of its driving exam, Transport Minister Norbert Hofer announced on Saturday the test would be …

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Austria sends high-ranking delegation to China with a musical touch

Austrian leaders have undertaken a state visit to China aimed at boosting bilateral economic ties. The delegation also includes a 7-year-old musician who will play a violin used by the young Mozart.Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and President Alexander Van der Bellen are to be received by Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday for political talks. …

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Where are Europe’s best bathing sites?

Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg and Malta offer the cleanest bathing waters in Europe, the European Union’s environment watchdog said Tuesday.The findings were based on tests of water quality in more than 21,000 beach, river and lake sites across Europe during 2016, including non-EU members Switzerland and Albania. The top five countries scored “excellent” ratings for …

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Hungary beats Austria, Portugal fails to beat Iceland at Euro 2016

On14 June, Hungary played against Austria at Euro 2016, with Hungary winning the match 2-0. The first goal was scored after 62 minutes by Hungarian player Adam Szalai. During the match, Austrian player Aleksandar Dragovic was suspended after receiving two yellow cards, posing a challenge for the Austrian team.   Zoltan Stieber of Hungary scored …

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Euro 2016: Hungary shock Austria

Coming off horrible seasons in the German first and second divisions, Adam Szalai and Zoltan Stieber made the difference for the Hungarians. They caught an uninspired Austria completely off guard, winning 2-0.

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‘We aren’t afraid’: Austrians answer Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary’s prime minister told a press conference that Europeans fear the onslaught of refugees, Austrians disagree. They do agree, though, that politicians have failed to lead, reports Alison Langley from Vienna. Austrians have surprised perhaps even themselves with their open welcome to the stream of refugees knocking on their door. While neighbouring Hungary has erected a …

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In Austria, Glorious Bastards bust Facebook haters

An invitation-only Facebook group named Glorious Bastards is taking down the social network's hatemongers. The vigilantes have already gotten one teenager fired from his job for an anti-migrant comment. The weeks-old group first drew attention when a 17-year-old apprentice at Porsche posted a comment under the picture of a young Syrian girl playing in a spray of water. The picture…

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