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Latest in Tag: Automotive market

2018 is the breakthrough of the automotive market

Many economic factors and crises have left their mark on the automotive sector during the current year, most notably the liberalization of the currency exchange rate, the shortage of the dollar availability, the high price of the “customs dollar”, the difficulty of imports and the Mercosur agreement. According to the latest data from the automotive …

Ahmed Amer

European automotive market experiencing huge suffering in 4 year

The sales of European cars declined to their lowest pace in four years last month due to lower purchasing power and tax changes in Britain. Bloomberg News Agency reported that some companies, including Volkswagen and Ford, lost their share in the European market to Fiat Chrysler and NF automobiles, which attract customers with their distinctive …

Mohamed Ramadan

Automotive market starts 2017 with price increases across 131 models

The new year for the automotive industry has begun with price increases across 131 models from every famous brand in the automotive market. This rise in prices came amid new estimates set by car companies on the cost of imported cars and their components in US dollars after the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) decision …

Ahmed Amer

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