Latest in Tag: Automotive Highlight

Latest in Tag: Automotive

Egypt’s feeding industries to implement automotive industry strategy when approved: experts

The feeding industries are the most important pillar in large industries, such as the automotive industry, according to vice chairperson of the Chamber of Engineering Industries Abdel Moneim El-Kady. He believes that the automotive industry strategy, which is currently being studied by the parliament, will improve the feeding industries. The strategy approves the increase of …

Hisham Salah

3rd Egypt Automotive Summit to discuss automotive industry strategy on Tuesday

Several ministers, ambassadors, and heads of foreign and local companies will come together on Tuesday for the third Egypt Automotive Summit with the goal of signing supply contracts with the feeder industries. This year, Business News is hosting the third summit through five sessions that discuss market issues during 2016, under the patronage and participation …

Daily News Egypt


Egyptian Automotive Dealers Association halts imports for November

The Egyptian Automotive Dealers Association held a meeting for leading car importers in which the association announced it would halt the import of cars during November in support of Egypt’s economy. The association met recently, prior to the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) decision to liberate the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the …

Ahmed Dawoud

Passenger cars achieve EGP 18bn in sales in first 7 months of 2016

The automotive market struggled to move 84,400 passenger car units during the first seven months of 2016, with a total value of EGP 18bn. Korean brands maintained the top spots of the sales market, with the brands achieving sales of 28,300 units worth EGP 5.04bn between January and July, despite the 17.3% decline in sales …

Ahmed Amer

The Mercedes story

This week has been full of contradictory talk around rumours that Mercedes-Benz Egypt is looking to exit the local market, what the dealership’s stance is on the matter, and whether it will choose to actually exit the market. Mercedes’ position is as it always has been. There have been assurances that Arab investors have already agreed …

Mohamed Aboul-Fotouh

Passenger cars achieve EGP 14.8bn sales in H1 2016

The automotive market struggled to sell 70,800 units of passenger cars during the first half (H1) of 2016, with a total value of EGP 14.8bn. Korean brands maintained the top spots of the sales market, with the brands achieving sales of 23,100 units worth EGP 4.1bn between January and June, despite the decline of sales …

Daily News Egypt


EAFA presents automotive factory’s establishment project to presidency

The Egyptian Auto Feeders Association (EAFA) presented a project to the presidency which would see the establishment of a factory for the manufacture of export-ready Egyptian cars, chairperson of the association Ali Tawfik said. This comes after the cabinet and the Ministry of Industry expressed an interest in the project. The project aims to establish …

Ahmed Amer

Volkswagen is global leader in car sales

Diesel emissions scandal? Lawsuits, fines, turmoil at headquarters? Whatever. VW Group sold more cars and light trucks than any other carmaker in the first half of 2016, ahead of close rivals Toyota and General Motors.

Deutsche Welle

Car sales on the rise in Germany

Car sales in Europe’s power house have increased again in recent months, the German Association of the Automotive Industry has reported. And despite VW’s pollution scandal, diesel cars are in high demand.

Deutsche Welle

The automotive sector’s shaky road

The Egyptian automotive market can be described in three terms: “suffered, suffering and will suffer”. All the associated parties in the automotive market, including manufacturers, agents and dealers, are familiar with this situation. Those words reflect the internal state of fear, anxiety and confusion that hovers on the horizon. Nobody knows what awaits tomorrow. None …

Mohamed Aboul-Fotouh

Annual summit necessary to boost automotive industry: Ratynski

  Prior to the Egypt Automotive summit that kicks off on Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles-Egypt CEO Maciej Ratynski spoke to Daily News Egypt, saying that holding an annual summit to discuss automotive industry in Egypt will contribute to boosting the industry. He added that it will provide an opportunity for the leading manufacturers to meet …

Daily News Egypt