Latest in Tag: Azza Fahmy Highlight

Latest in Tag: Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy befriends gypsies for SS18

Unwavering in the face of the wind, she stands tall, ready to take down the next challenge. She does not always comply with the world and its old-school traditions; instead, she leads a life according to her own playbook. Recognised for her confident stride and loud attire, she is never after the goal of hiding …

Nayera Yasser

Wonders of Nature: Azza Fahmy expands her green haven

After a long drive towards the west side of the capital, concrete beasts reside and green landscapes accompanied with humble houses rise to fill the horizon. The long drive might take hours, but at the end of it, an old workshop would always approach to welcome those seeking authenticity and heritage. For a few decades, …

Nayera Yasser

The Design Studio captures the talent of Egypt’s hidden gems

With black and white portraits hanging from the ceiling and dramatic pieces laid out on white tables, a new generation of local jewellery designers showcased a glimpse of their aesthetics. While each piece captured the stories of Egypt’s next top jewellery designers, the collective collection widened the boundaries of design. The Design Studio by Azza …

Nayera Yasser

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