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Crisis in Syria: Civil war, global threat

By Ban Ki-moon   The horrific war in Syria continues to worsen and bleed beyond its borders.  A cold calculation seems to be taking hold: that little can be done except to arm the parties and watch the conflict rage. The international community must not abandon the people of Syria and the region to never-ending …

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Iran director screens film to save man on death row

AFP – An Iranian film director is to hold a private screening of his latest movie on Saturday to raise funds to save the life of a 26-year-old on death row. Mostafa Kiaei, director of “Special Line”, said he had learnt by accident of the young man’s case and wanted to help raise the “blood …

Daily News Egypt

The power to end poverty

By Ban Ki-moon NEW YORK: Growing up as a child during the Korean War, I knew poverty first hand. I saw it around me every day; I lived it. One of my earliest memories is walking up a muddy track into the mountains to escape the fighting, my village burning behind me and wondering what would …


A global agenda for seven billion

By Ban Ki-moon NEW YORK: Late next month, a child will be born — the 7th billion citizen of planet Earth. We will never know the circumstances into which he or she was born. We do know that the baby will enter a world of vast and unpredictable change — environmental, economic, geopolitical, technological, and demographic. …