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Syria, Iraq and the future of jihad

The terror organization ‘Islamic State’ (IS) has suffered serious losses in Syria, and even more in Iraq. It can no longer count on public support. Yet, it still has a few aces up its sleeve.

Deutsche Welle

Putin‚Äôs ‚Äėcompletely fulfilled‚Äô task in Syria

Since Russia was declared to officially be present in the Middle East, and following the extended presence of its military in Syria, speculations splashed media platforms around the globe. Observers saw Russia‚Äôs decision to enter Syria as a long-term strategy, so the abrupt announcement of Russian president Vladimir Putin to withdraw most of his forces …

Fadi Elhusseini

Jihadist football: Contrary visions of a future Syria

A football star-turned-protest leader-turned-jihadist encourages peaceful anti-Bashar Al-Assad protests in Syrian rebel-held territory. Nearby, in ‚ÄúIslamic State‚ÄĚ (IS)-controlled territory, young boys play football with decapitated heads. The contrast is rife with symbolism. It potentially offers alternative ways of understanding the parameters within which at least some Syrians who joined jihadist groups operate. It also provides …

James Dorsey

Russia is officially in the region: A new order has just begun

Since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising, Russia has limited itself to its traditional role of providing arms, military, and logistical experts to its Arab allies. As Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad‚Äôs regime weakened, the Russians intensified their military support dramatically. Recently, the Russian ‚ÄúCaesar‚ÄĚ opted to expand his role in Syria to include direct intervention …

Fadi Elhusseini

‘Islamic State’ is a problem; Assad is a bigger problem

Syria’s president has tried harder than ever to recommend himself as a partner in the fight against “Islamic State.” However, it appears that Bashar al-Assad is a major part of the problem – and not part of the solution. Outrage began to filter out from Germany’s opposition parties on Sunday after Defense Minister Ursula von …

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