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Latest in Tag: Bashar

Gulf rivalries spill onto the football pitch

By James M Dorsey The battle between Iran and various Gulf states for the identity of the energy-rich region has spilled onto its football pitches. It’s the Persian Gulf League v the Arabian Gulf League. The struggle erupted when the United Arab Emirates, alongside Saudi Arabia, the Gulf’s most fervent opponent of political Islam, recently …

Daily News Egypt

Short takes

  1 Egyptian revolutionaries suffer from the silly habit of always getting sucked into fighting in side-battles, and the latest batch of laws coming out of the Shura Council are a prime example. Whether the new NGO law, the new protest law, or the new judiciary law, the different groups are each fighting to apply …

Mahmoud Salem

Post Bashar Syria: Local, Global and Regional Players.

The United States has probably started on the bad side of Syria by putting “Al-Nusrah Front” on the list of terrorist organisations. There are legitimate fears and concerns that neighbouring countries and the west have over the destabilisation of an already volatile region. However, insisting on delegitimizing Al-Nusrah will only complicate matters worse. The world …

Fady Salah

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