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Beltone delineates Egypt’s economy over the coming 5 years

Beltone Financial issued its annual report covering the Egyptian economy, titled “the Great Recovery.” The report gave an overview of its forecasts for growth rates, budget deficit, performance of economic sectors, government plans to cut subsidy, flotation impact on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX), and the expected exchange rate over the coming years. Beltone amended …

Daily News Egypt

Beltone Financial Holding increases sales of its free float shares

The board of directors of Beltone Financial Holding has approved increasing its free float shares through the sale of a number of shares in the company by the majority shareholder in order to increase the stock’s liquidity and strengthen the investor base in the Egyptian market and the company. The decision came in light of …

Daily News Egypt

30% hike in inflation rate in short term: Beltone Financial

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced on Thursday that it is floating the Egyptian pound completely, and banks will be free to quote whatever rates they decide on, for cash and transfer transactions. Despite the hardships, investment banks see a bright vision of Egypt’s economy in the near future. According to a statement released …

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