Latest in Tag: Benban Highlight

Latest in Tag: Benban

Government purchases electricity from private sector for EGP 400m

The government has purchased electricity from the private sector for EGP 400m until March 2019. Sources at the ministry of electricity told Daily News that the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) and electricity distribution companies across the country are committed to repaying the dues of the companies without delays. The sources explained that the largest …

Mohamed Farag

30 companies to start implementation of solar energy projects in Benban

Thirty companies from Aswan started implementing solar energy projects with the feed-in tariff scheme in Benban, Aswan, after their documents were reviewed by Hassan Allam, who is responsible for managing services at the project site. Hossam Allam, chief executive officer of Hassan Allam services, said that 30 companies from Benban were nominated to work on …

Mohamed Farag

Solar energy companies complain of stalled road construction in Benban

Solar energy investors complained about delays in implementing the main roads and subways at the construction site in Benban, Aswan. They expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of completion of roads comes despite the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) contracting with a private company for implementation more than four months ago. The heads of solar …

Mohamed Farag