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Obsessive-compulsive morality disorder

On Friday, Islamists surrounded the St George church in Beni Suef demanding the return of a 21 year-old Muslim woman whom they alleged was kidnapped and converted last November by the church in order to allow her to marry her Christian boyfriend. Well, it turns out she did run away with her boyfriend—only he wasn’t …

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Copts protest inside Beni Suef church to stop dome demolition

By Essam Fadl CAIRO: Copts protested inside the Ezbet Gaafar Church in Al-Fashn town, Beni Suef, after a decision by the city’s administration office to demolish the church’s dome. Al-Fashn town’s administration office said the contractors didn’t commit to the presidential permit regarding the restoration of the church, which stipulated the demolishment of the old building …


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