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Glass dome could give German Baroque palace a futuristic flair

Historical buildings are protected by law in Germany and typically cannot be altered. A new scheme to crown a Baroque palace in Bonn with a glass roof could break the mold and give the old some forward-thinking flair. Ralph Schweitzer’s aesthetic vision is clearly visible in his first design for the intricate glass dome that’s …

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Secret agents like Berlin: Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’

It was filmed in Berlin and a German actor stars with Tom Hanks. Spielberg’s latest film tells an incredible story – and it’s based on true facts. For decades, Germany has been a popular backdrop for spy films. The European premiere of “Bridge of Spies” will take place in Berlin, on Friday 13. Steven Spielberg …

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Students unhappy with Berlin film school’s new director

One of Germany’s most important film schools, the DFFB, has appointed UK producer Ben Gibson as its new director. But many students fear the choice means sacrificing creative freedom in favor of “market orientation.” One of Germany’s most influential film schools has finally found an ending in the long-running saga over its new director – …

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Kenya’s Kipchoge wins Berlin marathon

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge has come in first place at the Berlin marathon with just over a minute above the world record. Kenyans have taken the top prize in the German capital every year since 2010. Competing in the 42nd BMW Berlin Marathon, Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge won the men’s marathon with a best unofficial time …

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Jenny Erpenbeck: What happens when you’re only seen as a refugee?

Jenny Erpenbeck spent a year meeting with refugees in Berlin. Her resulting novel is shortlisted for the German Book Prize. She explains why time is so crucial and what former East Germany has to do with refugees. DW: Ms. Erpenbeck, in your novel “Gehen, ging, gegangen” (Going, went, gone), you touch on a very timely …

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Spy museum opens in Berlin

Hidden cameras and lipstick pistols – the Spy Museum Berlin introduces visitors to the world of espionage. The Spy Museum Berlin opens its doors on Leipziger Platz square on Saturday, 19 September 2015. Immediately upon entering, every visitor will be captured on film and thermographic cameras. The images will be shown on a host of …

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Will IFA 2015 show TVs the door?

The IFA, the year’s biggest consumer electronics show, is kicking off in Berlin. It comes as the industry – except for TV manufacturers – eagerly awaits the holiday shopping season. Every time the IFA gadget show rolls around, TVs seem to have gotten bigger, their displays sharper and the colors they project more intense. By …

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The President in Berlin: Reductio ad absurdum

By Mohamed Selim Whoever scheduled the President of Egypt’s visit to Berlin from 2 June to 4 June must be a political genius. That person/entity must be so perceptive that in order for the President’s visit to occur without any undesirable media frenzy, and thus achieve all its goals, it should take place in the …

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Merkel’s realpolitik and Egypt’s lost revolutions

  By Mohamed Selim  “Germany’s government believes that Egypt ought to maintain the basic values of human rights for all its citizens, engage in a dialogue with all the opposing political factions and respect the religious freedoms of all Egyptians.” Those were the words of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in her 30 January 2013 presser with …

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Police uniforms and accountability

People are angry and protesting in Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Greece, Spain, and many other places. But it was the protests in Berlin, Germany a short time back that caught my attention. It was not the issues people were protesting about, but the police uniforms that were striking. It was a simple but brilliant …

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Qualcomm 2012 Innovation Conference features the “future of mobile technology”

The brightest minds in the ‘mobile ecosystem’ recently gathered in Berlin to promote innovation in the mobile phone industry. The annual Qualcomm 2012 Conference on Innovation (IQ2012) in the mobile industry concluded recently. Qualcomm sought to highlight hands-on access to the latest in mobile technology, products and services as well as insight to “the future …

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