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Indian Film Week kicks off October 27

For the past few years, Indian films have been invading Egyptian culture, causing a warm feedback of tender, joy, and fascination. Ever since this phenomenon has been all over media outlets, TV channels have only been screening Indian films and series, cinema theatres have been playing the latest Indian hits, and people’s passion for Indian …

Daily News Egypt

Freddie Gray, Chicago, Black Lives Matter and US police

Freddie Gray died in custody. Now, months after the incident, an officer is on trial in the US city of Baltimore. But police violence is an issue in other parts of the US, too, as Miodrag Soric reports from Chicago. After the election of the first black president of the United States, some Americans naively …

Deutsche Welle

Black, yellow or blue: ‘We’re all German!’

What does it really mean to be black in Germany? A multimedia project takes a closer look at a touchy subject and concludes that it’s time to get rid of prejudices and tackle racism. Marie Nejar is a slender, elegant, dynamic 85-year-old lady with a pronounced Hamburg accent. She wears a black dress with a …

Deutsche Welle

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