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United States green-lights sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia

The US State Department has approved a request from Saudi Arabia to buy thousands of bombs. The approval comes despite controversy over Saudi-led attacks on Houthi rebels in Yemen. The sale of the more than 19,000 bombs and smart bombs would help Saudi Arabia restock the armaments it has used in its operation against the …

Deutsche Welle

More than 50 killed as Pakistan bombs militant hideouts

AFP – Pakistani fighter jets launched air strikes early Sunday against militant hideouts in the country’s troubled northwest, killing more than 50 insurgents, the Pakistan military said. However local security officials put the death toll far higher, saying that about 150 militants died in the air strikes, which primarily targeted Uzbek fighters in a remote …

Daily News Egypt

Boston and the Arab World: Where the Bombs Begin

By Jonathan Moremi When I saw the second plane fly into the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 – there was shock on my face and horror. Not, because this happened to the US, but because I knew that this happened to humans. The single mother battling hard with her two children after her …

Daily News Egypt